Manila FAME October 2019 Edition

The Philippines’ design and material culture as well as its people’s crafting techniques, material manipulation and design-forward solutions have a long history and tradition. As the design world constantly reinvents itself, so too does the Filipino craftsman.

In recent years, there has been a significant amount of nostalgia over past trends and the reinvention of iconic design pieces is in vogue.

It is in this context that Manila FAME seeks to define the heritage of Philippine design showcased through its platform by pushing the imagination of designers and manufacturers to new heights. Through the lens of Manila FAME, the past will be viewed with the fresh eyes of the present.

Theme: Heritage Reimagined

Over the years, Manila FAME has been positioned as synonymous to the intangible yet highly distinct Filipino design sensibility. It is a celebration of exquisite and world-renowned craftsmanship in product design, mastery over sustainable materials, and unique quality that catapulted the careers of Filipino product designers to the global scene.

The archives of Manila FAME exhibitors are brimming with talents and ideas—a goldmine of inspiration formed under the tectonic influence of Manila FAME’s stewardship. To commemorate over 30 years of cultural inheritance, the trade show will unleash the most iconic and forward-looking pieces from its collection and infuse them with the vision of the new—creating an exciting amalgamation that honors a legacy of design excellence.

Show Features


The Design Commune is a curated exhibition space that showcases products from Manila FAME’s merchandise development program. This program aims to nurture a community of creative prime movers and inspire collaborations between designers and manufacturers.

Led by Creative Director Vince Uy, this edition welcomes 57 participating companies with 350 newly developed products between them and the Design Commune’s veteran product development team composed of Stanley Ruiz (Home & Lighting), Nix Alañon (Furniture), André Chang (Fashion) and introducing junior product specialists Kitty Bunag and Mia de Lara (Home).


The Artisans Village is Manila FAME’s platform that introduces local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and their crafts to the global market with the help of the DTI Regional Offices and Local Government Units (LGUs).

In partnership with the Design Center of the Philippines, this edition will feature exhibitors from Antique and Marawi to showcase products that highlight each province’s distinctive local crafts and weaving traditions to portray their cultural identities and a sense of place deeply rooted in their histories. Live demonstrations of how native materials are processed, crafted and fashioned into end products will also be featured.


Manila FAME brings the online fashion marketplace back to the trade show floor following the successful first run of the Fashion E-Tailers special setting. The exhibit will feature the country’s rising fashion entrepreneurs and designer commercial brands as they showcase the latest trends in fashion.


The 70th edition of Manila FAME introduces a special setting that will highlight the emerging homegrown enterprises from the country’s green and eco-sustainable sectors. The Eco-Lifestyle Pavilion will bring forward green business practices including sustainable materials and processes to advocate for a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Featured sectors include furniture & home, fashion, gifts, and beauty & wellness.

Social Advocacy


The Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women (GREAT Women) Project 2 aims to assist women micro enterprises (WMEs) improve their competitiveness and sustainability by providing focused interventions to improve their business management, product development and innovation competencies.

Artisans from region-based WMEs will feature specially crafted and handmade products under the GREAT Women Project 2. It will exhibit one last time at Manila FAME this October as the project’s implementation concludes in 2020.