Here at Manila FAME, we are more than just a trade fair.

We value your commitment to quality, product development, and your continued loyalty to Manila FAME. Your participation is critical as we re-launch this focused, high-concept boutique edition and re-establish Manila FAME in the spring/summer buying circuit. We believe your products will help define what we hope to showcase for the upcoming show – exceptional products offerings.

We are committed to make your participation worthwhile.

Manila FAME: The Manila FAME Exhibitor Experience
Product Development.

The Manila FAME Design for Exports program will feature foreign and local product development specialists who will be working with basketwork, lighting, and holiday décor. The program will support Manila FAME exhibitors to design and develop products that will resonate with the needs and requirements of the market, recognizing a worldwide lifestyle trend.

Manila FAME: The Manila FAME Exhibitor Experience
Buyer Campaign.

We are strengthening our CITEM Care Program for Buyers and expanding our buyer campaign promotions to maximize digital marketing. Our digital marketing team is implementing a tactical plan to expand the visibility of Manila FAME online. We are reinforcing our presence in the calendars of foreign buyers attending similar trade fairs in Asia by designing a special incentive package to entice them to swing their visit to Manila FAME. The Manila FAME Connect will be an important feature of the April show since it will deliver a more focused online business matching between exhibitors and pre-registered buyers.

Manila FAME: The Manila FAME Exhibitor Experience
Incentives to Exhibitors.

A more specialized seminar series will be made available to exhibitors. We recognize how busy you are in managing your business so in your own way, we will try to provide you and your people with relevant and inspiring educational topics on design trends, entrepreneurial market, cyber security, social media, and more.